Longrow Red Shiraz

Springbank | Longrow Red Shiraz | 11 years old | Six years in Bourbon Casks, five in fresh Shiraz Hogsheads | 53.7 % | Situation: Ballygrant Inn Islay, see here Nose: Red, red, red! Red fruits, strawberries, canned sugared cherries, underlying Springbank funk, some peat and some smoke but not much Taste: Sweet fruity entry,... Continue Reading →

Longrow Red Malbec Cask

Spingbank | Longrow Red | Malbec Cask | 13 Year Old | 12 years in Bourbon Casks then 15 month in fresh Malbec Casks | 51.3 % | NCA / NCF | 9000 bottles Situation: see here Nose: the very fruity red whine influence is prominent from the start, dark red fruits which almost border on the tropical Haribo side,... Continue Reading →

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