Port Charlotte Transparency Feis Ile 2017


Bruichladdich | Port Charlotte | Twelve Casks of Seven different Types ranging from Bourbon to Bordeaux and Sauternes | the youngest cask was filled 2004 | 100% Scottish Barley | 1000 bottles | 56.4% | Continue reading

A boring afternoon on Islay or Stranded on the shores of Loch Indaal (Bruichladdich)


After the tasting at Kilchoman, Jimmy picked us up straight away. Which was a nice surprise given the whole taxi situation on Islay, but our luck wouldn’t last as we were about to have our worst afternoon on Islay. Spoilert alert, it wasn’t half bad but given that the rest of the days were nothing short of amazing this afternoon really stood out. Anyway, hear me out…or skip this part as it is pretty boring. It won’t be in the test, I promise. But, where was I? Oh right in Jimmy’s taxi… Continue reading

Kilchoman Feis Ile 2017 From Barley to Bottle

Kilchoman | Feis Ile 2017 – 100% Islay From Bottle to Barley |58 % | Bourbon Barrel 324/2008 and Sherry Butt 433/2009 |

Info: The 2017 Edition of Kilchoman’s festival bottling is a marriage of two 100% Islay Casks, one Bourbon Barrel of almost 9 years (July 2008 – May 2017) and a 7.5 year old Sherry Butt (October 2009 – May 2017) which resulted in 877 bottles. I drank number 138. Well, a small part of it.

Situation: At the Ballygrant Inn on Islay, put that on your bucket list as well. Say I send you.

Nose: Sulphur, BBQ spices, honey, dry wood fire smoke, bacon, chocolate, red berries, really biting alcohol on the nose,

Taste: Neutral entry, salty peat, honey sweetnee, quite malty, quite spicy alcohol, some red fruits and chocolate but the bourbon cask dominates the rest,

Finish:  Salty, creamy honey mouthfeel, ashy smoke and milk chocolate,

Conclusion: The 100% shines through pretty well and the bourbon cask dominates the Sherry Butt, so all the things I like a wee bit less about Kilchos, still a pretty nice dram but I prefer others!

Score: B or 86/100