There’s the tree that never grew, There’s the bird that never flew, There’s the fish that never swam, There’s the bell that never rang. (Glasgow Part 2)

Here's Part one! So once we finished our wee little snack and dram over at The Pot Still, it was time for us to hit the bus and find our hotel. If you find yourself in Glasgow, use the bus! It brought us almost everywhere and in combination with Uber it was pretty easy and... Continue Reading →

The Bon Accord House Cask | secret, very small cask vatting by Masterblender (...) Paul MacDonagh | Situation: see here Nose: Chocolate, BBQ spices, peat, salt, some artificial tropical fruits, a strange mixture of aromas giving away the living cask Taste: slightly creamy entry, chocolate, spicy peat but not bitter, slightly medicinal, BBQ spices, hints of coffee,... Continue Reading →

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