One PX Sherry and one PX finished Kilchoman or Pedro Ximénez and what happened to its casks at Kilchoman

Another night, another review from the backlog and another wine cask matured finished Kilchoman. This time, lucky me has a review of the former inhabitant of the cask again. This one goes by the name of Ximénez, Pedro Ximénez. Mostly referred to as PX in the whisky world. It's another fortified wine, another Sherry to be... Continue Reading →

One President in Paris, one fraud story and a Sauternes matured Kilchoman (Kilchoman Club Bottling IV Sauternes Cask)

Another night, another review from the backlog and another wine cask matured Kilchoman. Sadly, this time I don't have any tasting notes of the original inhabitant of the casks. I could still tell you a little bit about Sauternes, which is a French sweet wine from the region Sauternes which again is part of the... Continue Reading →

One Madeira and two Madeira matured Kilchoman (Club Edition III and Madeira Matured Release)

This is an older review, I've written some time ago... So after I posted my least liked Kilchoman yesterday a while ago and some Sherry reviews the day before, let's combine the best of these two worlds and look at another fortified wine and two (indeed, two!) Kilchomen matured in its casks. Beside Oloroso Sherry, Port,... Continue Reading →

Kilchoman Vintage 2009

Kilchoman | Vintage 2009 | distilled 2009 bottled 2017 | Oloroso Sherry Butts and Bourbon Casks | 46% | NCF & NCA Situation: First on its own and than side by side with the 2008, listening to music in the office Nose: Fruity smoke, buttery, some rubbery notes I seldom encounter with Kilchoman, - it needs some time to... Continue Reading →

Kilchoman Vintage 2008

These were my humble impessions on the oldest Kilchoman available at the time of the review. The Vintage 2008 is a vatting of 100% seven year old Bourbon barrels, both new and refill. It is bottled at 46% and like all Kilchoman releases this is neither colored nor chill-filtered. Situation: Comforting myself with this nice dram,... Continue Reading →

Kilchoman Vintage 2007

Kilchoman | 2007 | distilled 2007 and bottled in 2013 | 46 % | First and Refill Bourbon Casks | NCF & NCA Nose: Ashy smoke, brown sugar, sweet malt, leathery, salt, BBQ spices, Taste: Good! Sweet malty, salt, smoke, a bit nutty, chocolate, slightly oily mouthfeel and some oak influence, bacon, Finish: Not overly... Continue Reading →

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