Coal Ila 12

  Caol Ila | 12 year old | 43% | about 35€ in Germany | Situation: From May 2015: I'm happily sitting in my study and I'm in the mood to drink and review; a bit tired. The review is a summary of older notes (earlier than May 2015) and new thoughts (May 2015) on... Continue Reading →

Gordon and MacPhails’ Connoisseurs Choice Ardbeg 1974

Ardbeg | Gordon and MacPhail Connoisseurs Choice 1974 | distilled 1974 and bottled 1996 | 40 % |  Info: In 1974 Ardbeg still used its own malt, malted in their kiln. Later on they were mothballed (once again) and after that used malt they got from Port Ellen Maltings, like most distilleries on Islay do.Situation: During the Christmas Holidays... Continue Reading →

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