Kilchoman Vintage 2008

These were my humble impessions on the oldest Kilchoman available at the time of the review. The Vintage 2008 is a vatting of 100% seven year old Bourbon barrels, both new and refill. It is bottled at 46% and like all Kilchoman releases this is neither colored nor chill-filtered. Situation: Comforting myself with this nice dram,... Continue Reading →

Kilchoman Vintage 2007

Kilchoman | 2007 | distilled 2007 and bottled in 2013 | 46 % | First and Refill Bourbon Casks | NCF & NCA Nose: Ashy smoke, brown sugar, sweet malt, leathery, salt, BBQ spices, Taste: Good! Sweet malty, salt, smoke, a bit nutty, chocolate, slightly oily mouthfeel and some oak influence, bacon, Finish: Not overly... Continue Reading →

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