Ardbeg Uigeadail

About two years ago,  I not only discovered that I like Ardbeg's drams more then I admitted myself before (still not a fan of the NAS everything and marketing mumbojumbo...) but also rediscovered the enjoyment to sit down on the sofa, listening to good music and just loose myself in a dram. To really enjoy... Continue Reading →

A Full Volume of 18 year old Highland Park (Full Volume vs. 18 Viking Pride)

Highland Park | 18 Viking Pride | Bourbon and Sherry Casks | 43% |  Nose: Raisins, brown sugar, vanilla, tobacco, slightly bitter oak, slightly bitter but not very intense (wet card board) peat, a bit of the trademark heather note, light smoke, nuts and red fruit (strawberry) marmalade. At first, a tad bit more bitter... Continue Reading →

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